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Promotional merchandise works


Cutting through the clutter

The digital age means businesses are spoilt for choice when planning their marketing strategies. Online campaigns, social media, TV ads and print are all frequently used channels to engage with consumers. In this complicated landscape the use of Promotional merchandise can sometimes be forgotten or at best undervalued.

Research by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has shown the power promotional merchandise can have. When done well; it is more likely to invoke brand loyalty than the mediums of print, web, direct mail and TV.

So here’s a little snapshot of what Promotional Merchandise can do for your business.
You Can’t Beat a Bit of Brand Recognition
Unlike other forms of marketing, promotional products have longevity and can be extremely useful to the recipient. So many marketing tools focus on digital channels, whereas merchandise can take your brand in to the real world. What’s more, studies have shown that many people keep promotional products for one year or longer resulting in increased brand awareness for both the person using the product and those around the recipient.

Customer Loyalty is King
It’s a fact. One experiences a feeling of pleasure when given something unexpected. This positive emotion will associate the recipient with your brand. Research illustrates that promotional merchandise makes almost six times as many recipients feel appreciated as other mediums of marketing. As a lot of promotional merchandise is useful (such as USB’s, mugs and pens), and is related to the desk & office environment, your brand is ‘kept close’ to the consumer. This means it is always at the forefront of their mind, whether consciously or subconsciously, making the likelihood of purchasing your product or service high due to the continuous reminder.

Range and Looks Matter
You’ll be blown away by the things the Bright Ideas team are able to source. The industry really has moved a long way from being reliant on a limited number of products. We now have access to over 50,000 products and are confident that we have something for every occasion not to mention budget. From the traditional mugs, pens and t-shirts to technology and green products - we really do have it all.

Providing your customers and prospects with products that look great will increase the positive association the consumer has with your brand. We can help translate your ideas into meaningful, powerful promotional merchandise that not only sits comfortably with your brand values but will also help you to stand out from the crowd.

Looking After the Pennies
We recognise that marketing budgets can often be tight. Selecting promotional merchandise as part of your marketing strategy is a great way to get a bigger bang for buck. The cost to produce branded products can be significantly less than other forms of advertising and at the same time there’s the added benefit of longevity which further increases ROI.

Generating a Bit of a Buzz
Great products can be a conversation starter and create a buzz around your brand, especially if the product is innovative and well thought out. Promotional merchandise can also work hand in hand with other forms of marketing helping to create a greater impact and raise your brand’s profile in a competitive marketplace.

The reality is we can supply a huge range of promotional merchandise to suit any campaign and any budget. If you’re overwhelmed with choice and need some advice or have any questions and would like to discuss your requirements please get in touch today. Simply call us on 0800 644 4858 or drop us a line at info@brightideaspromotional.co.uk