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In the spotlight: Confectionery


Sweet temptations

With the recent launch of our new Confectionery catalogue we thought the time was right to help raise the profile of exactly what’s on offer. This month we’re discussing all things edible. Can you resist temptation?

Everybody Loves Sweet Treats
There’s no better way to show your appreciation, gratitude or extend congratulations to your customers, colleagues and staff than by using promotional confectionery. From promotional mint cards, to branded chocolates, jelly beans, snack bars and lollipops - there’s just so much choice, and a suitable product for every eventuality. Get it right and you’ll have customers beating a path to your door to get some more of your sweet ‘giveaways’!

Wealth of Experience
All members of our team have worked on a variety of promotional confectionery campaigns for our clients, such as designing chocolate bars for Ralph Lauren, not to mention sourcing Belgian chocolates for our own client reward programmes.

Brand Awareness
Confectionery is often underestimated and overlooked when it comes to promotions. People either dismiss it without a second thought or mistakenly believe that it’s a bit old hat. The reality is that it can be one of the most effective ways to promote your business, and used correctly, can help to establish a business relationship with new clients or reward long-standing customers. Promotional confectionery gifts do more than show appreciation; they also remind people about your brand. As a bonus, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of doing this.

With the ability to customise the design, the flavours and even the colours, confectionery products offer a tremendous degree of flexibility. Furthermore, with the arrival of more ‘retail’ looking packaging you can find a style to fit with your corporate image. There’s everything from boxes, pouches, tins, pots, and wrappers – all of which provide fantastic branding opportunities. It’s even possible to get your logo and brand name imprinted into the sweet.

Promotional confectionery works with all ages and sexes and for a variety of purposes such as giveaways at events and tradeshows. It’s also extremely popular as a corporate gift, primarily to say, ‘thank you’ to new and existing customers.

Value for Money
Promotional confectionery is one of the most economical promotional products on offer, especially for large scale campaigns where it’s essential to have both high volumes and low unit costs. It’s possible however to find a range of products to suit any budget – and the finished article invariably looks great due to the breadth of available packaging materials.

Creating Memories and Allegiance
Perhaps the greatest feather in the cap for promotional confectionery products is that they are not considered to be obtrusive. People don’t really consider receiving a ’sweet treat’ as advertising. Rather, this has more of a goodwill gesture feel to it. Whilst BPMA research suggests that 97% of recipients keep promotional products they have received, in the case of confectionery we would guarantee that there’s a very high consumption rate!

Tuck In!
We’ve just released our 2017 Confectionery catalogue which contains a wide variety of promotional confectionery ideas to help you choose the best products for your next marketing initiative or event. We’ve everything from sweets, mints, chocolates, biscuits and healthy snacks through to seasonal specials.

If you’d like some assistance regarding any of your merchandising requirements or a copy of our latest confectionery catalogue then simply call us on 0800 644 4858 or drop us a line at info@brightideaspromotional.co.uk