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In the spotlight: Bags


Carry me home

Everyone loves promotional products – especially us. Every now and again we like to focus on one of our ‘core’ product categories to show you why we think they’re a great tool to increase awareness and boost customer engagement. This month we’d like to focus on promotional bags.

No matter the activity there’s a bag for every occasion. They are genuinely useful and will invariably be used over and over. What’s more they come in a multitude of sizes, materials, styles and colours, and are available at varying price points.

The promotional bag has got to be one of the most flexible and popular promotional marketing tools. They work for various sectors, and for different target audiences, performing a major service in promoting business, products and services in all walks of life, across the globe.

The Results Speak for Themselves
“Bags are one of our bestsellers,” says account manager and product fanatic, Joy. “They’re long lasting, cost effective and they genuinely work – both as a mechanism for increasing brand awareness as well as at a functional level for work or leisure purposes.

One of the neat things about bags is that they fly below the radar. They’re unobtrusive, so people don’t really consider them to be advertising. That’s why they are so effective as a promotional tool.”

This is backed up by research findings about promotional products published by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association). The research highlighted that 97% of recipients will keep them, with over 50% keeping the item for more than 12 months. Since the items get used repeatedly, they result in 43% more brand recognition and recall than common advertising methods such as TV, radio, or magazines.

Overarching Benefits

  • Increased brand awareness and goodwill
  • Genuinely practical
  • Versatile and flexible to your brand objectives
  • High perceived value

Clever Usage Ideas
The starting point is to consider the overarching business goals. Are you looking for ways to boost sales, increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, or to promote your business to a wider audience? A promotional bag can help to achieve these objectives.

Here are a few clever usage ideas:

Offer a free bag as a gift - ideal for goody bags for launch parties, conferences & exhibitions. The more practical the item the higher the likely usage.

Create a reusable bag for life - there can be a high perceived value for items of this nature. Especially, if the bag is well-designed and robust. Tote Bags and Jute Bags are popular for this purpose and can be printed with eye-catching designs, making them desirable to customers so that they can be sold at a profit, thereby creating an additional revenue stream.

Give out delegate packs at a conference - whether you’re hosting or sponsoring a conference, you can use branded conference bags to get your message across to all delegates and raise awareness of who you are and what you do.

Bright Ideas Promotional
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