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In the spotlight: Eco-friendly promotional products

Green is good

Many leading organisations are looking to apply ‘Green Principles’ to their marketing and promotional activity – which in turn impacts the products available not to mention the Bright Ideas supply chain.

One thing is for certain; ‘Eco-friendly’ promotional products represent a fast growing area and we are convinced that they are here to stay. They are especially relevant for companies looking to maximise their environmental credentials, and those pursuing a broader Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Organisations are increasingly looking at using promotional products made from recycled, organic, sustainable or ethically sourced materials to feature in their marketing campaigns. It’s a bit of a no brainer. What better way to clearly communicate to customers and prospects that your organisation is forward-thinking, not to mention ethically and environmentally aware.

Rest assured, there’s still a wide range of products available. To help you to go green with your promotions we’ve handpicked some of our client favourites and more popular items:

Bright Ideas’ ‘Top 10’ Eco-friendly promotional products

  • Dargate jute tote - recyclable and biodegradable. Product reference: PP-EX15
  • Natural cotton shopper - sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable. Product reference: PP-EW13F
  • Plastic carrier bag - biodegradable. Product reference: PP-EWO5
  • Ecoretract Ballpen - made from recycled materials. Product reference: PP-WJ15
  • Recycled wiro bound notepad - made from recycled materials. Product reference: PP-PH17
  • Smart card memo blocks - made from recycled materials and biodegradable. Product reference: PP-PF35
  • Recycled Pencils - made from recycled money or recycled denim. Product reference: PP- WF04/06
  • Colouring pencils - made from recycled materials. Product reference: PP-WN22
  • Sports bottles - made from recycled materials and biodegradable. Product reference: PP-MJ03
  • Ice Scraper - made from recycled materials. Product reference: PP-TF09
Dargate jute tote
Dargate jute tote
Natural cotton shopper
Dart Pen
Plastic carrier bag
plastic carrier bag
Ecoretract ballpen
Ecoretract ballpen
Recycled notepad
Recycled notepad
Smart card memo block
Smart card memo block
Recycled pencil
Recycled pencil
Sports bottle
Sports bottle
Recycled ice scraper
Recycled ice scraper

Here are a few things to have on the radar when it comes to choosing eco-friendly promotional products;

  • Product quality and value
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Ethical manufacture
  • Recycled, Organic or Biodegradable materials, and waste minimisation

And remember, you don’t need to satisfy every criteria to be seen to be green. If you can demonstrate for example, that the products selected have been ethically manufactured that will be fulfilling part of your CSR strategy.

As Charter members of the British Promotional Merchandise Association we are dedicated to sustainability, and always strive to supply environmentally friendly merchandise, respecting our natural resources wherever possible. We also like to help our clients to make informed and responsible purchasing decisions with eco-friendly promotional items, to help them portray their brand and environmental goals simultaneously.

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