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In the spotlight: Pens


There's nothing like putting pen to paper

Promotional Pens are one of the most popular and cost effective ways to promote your business and increase brand awareness. Think about it. Every time the recipient writes something down they see your message. Compelling stuff. Not to mention the fact that recipients of promotional items, especially those that are useful, are far more likely to do business with you in the future.

The range is tremendous. From entry level plastic pens, rollerballs with a sleek metal finish, executive ball pens with a touch of grandeur, to eco-friendly pens made from recycled materials – we’ve got the lot. By our reckoning the team at Bright Ideas has access to more than 5,000 pens!

That’s great news for our customers. No matter who you are and what you are trying to achieve there will be a suitable product that will provide a good fit with your brand and target audience. With our extensive knowledge we can help to find the best possible match.

To kick start this process we’ve pulled together a little guide to help introduce the breadth of products available and highlight a few of our bestselling items.

Entry level

  • Contour Colour Ballpen – Substantial pen for the money and suits most sectors
  • Dart Polished Ballpen – Really clean design enables it to straddle entry / mid-tier
  • Absolute Ballpen – Solid pen with a good print area
  • Albion Grip Ballpen – Looks as though it should be more expensive
Contour Colour Ballpen
Contour Colour Ballpen
From £0.21
Dart Polished Ballpen
Dart Polished Ballpen
From £0.27
Absolute Ballpen
Absolute Ballpen
From £0.26
Albion Grip Ballpen
Albion Grip Ballpen
From £0.28

Middle of the road

  • Capri Gloss Ballpen – Clip action with chrome trim
  • Challenger Polished Ballpen – Solid quality pen that most find to write well
  • Prodir DS3 Ballpen – Great design, timeless and high quality
  • Electra Ballpen – Solid feeling entry level metal pen with quality appearance
Capri Gloss Ballpen
Capri Gloss Ballpen
From £0.75
Challenger Polished Ballpen
Challenger Polished Ballpen
From £0.40
Prodir DS3 Ballpen
Prodir DS3 Ballpen
From £0.72
Electra Ballpen
Electra Ballpen
From TBC


  • Parker Jotter – Clean lines, robust and instantly recognisable
  • Parker Urban – Curved design offers a bold modern look with a stainless steel nib
  • Waterman Graduate – Contemporary styling with a bright chrome finish
  • Waterman Hemisphere – Simply elegant. The Rolls Royce of pens. Striking timeless design
Parker Jotter
Parker Jotter Pen
From £3.73 / MOQ 50
Parker Urban
Parker Urban
From £13.65 / MOQ 15
Waterman Graduate
Waterman Graduate Pen
From £11.15 / MOQ 15
Waterman Hemisphere
Waterman Hemisphere Pen
From £36.15 / MOQ 15

Something a little different:

  • Stylus pens
  • Banner pens
  • Markers & Highlighters

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Writing instruments - our recommended products