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In the spotlight: Desk toppers


Always to hand

Desk related promotional merchandise can often be overlooked in the perpetual quest to find something new. But don’t be fooled, increasing brand awareness is not only about having the wow factor. Invariably, factors such as practicality, longevity, and usage are at least as important. That's why this month we’d like to focus on desk top items.

Food for Thought
In offices, hotel rooms and home studies up and down the nation, a collection of desk accessories are invariably on show - and these offer tremendous potential for promoting brand awareness.

From desk tidies to notebooks, mouse mats to phone chargers there really are hundreds of products to make sure that your marketing is always hard at work on any work station. After all, there are few better ways of putting branded merchandise into people’s hands on a regular basis!

“Desk accessories tend to be items that are used over and over again which translates into continued brand exposure for the companies and brands that use them for advertising”, commented Tim Farnfield, a Director at Bright Ideas. “Printed mugs and drinkware, for example, are always going to be popular because of the longevity and practical use associated with the product, while pens and pencils are pretty much ubiquitous and offer unrivalled ROI”.

The reality is people must work to make a living and a number of people will inevitably work in an office with plenty of time sat at a desk. The list of products that can work in this environment is extensive and of course when branded appropriately they can deliver truly great exposure on a daily basis. Just think of pens & pen pots , mouse mats, USB sticks, note books, rulers, highlighters, screen wipes, and calculators.

The one noticeable shift in the market over the last few years has been towards technology related items, particularly with the ubiquity of smartphones and touch screen devices. This means some new items are becoming increasingly popular. So if you are looking for something a little bit different or just want something with a bit of a ‘tech’ link why not consider one of the following items?

  • Powerbanks
  • Quirky mobile phone stands
  • Phone charging pads and wireless chargers
  • Bluetooth speakers

But don’t forget there’s still room for traditional ‘fiddle items’ and things that bring a little bit of fun into the work place – just look at the popularity over the last twelve months of the fidget spinner. There’s also plenty of research to suggest that individuals can be more effective in the work place when they are simultaneously stimulating their senses fiddling away!

Back to Basics
With all the craving for tech related products it’s easy to forget about some evergreen products. The good old fashioned notebook falls into this category. There’s always been something special associated with putting pen to paper. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that individuals find writing things down on paper to be a calming, natural and memorable experience. There’s also the fact that notebooks are more tactile, intimate and engaging than their digital counterparts. The secret here is to create a design that has a little more stand-out to help bolster brand awareness.

Remember the Benefits
People simply love receiving promotional gifts. They can make your customers feel special. Chosen wisely and branded neatly a desk item can leave a deep rooted impression among your recipients but also send a loud message about your company. So why not let us help you find a great product and create an eye-catching design.

Bright Ideas Promotional
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