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Audits & Samples

audits & samples

From audits to the provision of samples, we help organisations make informed decisions

We offer all of our clients a free audit service. We audit existing activity and suggest ways to improve the cost effectiveness of your spend – whether that means a better quality corporate giveaway for the same budget, a lower cost alternative; or a better price on the existing item. It really is helpful to have a fresh set of (expert) eyes on the case.


Our team are passionate about making sure you get the possible product. That’s where their detailed knowledge of what’s available and what could work with your campaign and branding come to the fore.

The quality and feel of many promotional items is invariably best judged by handling the item. Our sample service enables you to do this. Samples are supplied on a sale or return basis except for samples of a nominal value which we simply don't charge for. Samples will typically be dispatched within 1 or 2 working days.

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