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Latest promotional product trends


Keeping up appearances

For many brands promotional merchandise forms a key part of their marketing strategy. But whilst the tried and trusted favourites (such as pens, mugs and tee shirts) still have their place, it does feel that we are constantly being asked to find either new products or something a little bit different. Something that’s capable of creating a bit of a buzz as well as providing a mechanism for effectively communicating the chosen message / promoting the brand.Being able to match your merchandise to the latest product trends can really help to increase brand awareness and ultimately the success of a campaign. That’s why we’ve taken the time to highlight what’s currently ‘on trend’. Take a look at the highlighted categories below and see if there’s something that could work for your organisation.

Retro Looking Products

Vintage is cool. Custom printed retro promotional items are proving to be really popular and can help your marketing campaigns come alive. Retro themed promotional merchandise includes nostalgic products from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. Everything from hula hoops, wooden toys, biscuit tins, radios, sports bags, notebooks, and clothing items that are capable of creating that throwback look.

Activity Trackers

Probably no surprise here. With an increased awareness and interest in healthy living, well-being and fitness products are beginning to dominate the market, made popular by the FitBit. Activity trackers or fitness watches are becoming a ‘must-have’ product. Designed to analyse your lifestyle, these gadgets can count your steps, record distances, amount and quality of sleep, calories burned, allow you to set goals and view notifications. With big brands now making their products available on the promotional market there is the opportunity for high-end customised gifts as well as a wide range of less sophisticated versions to suit smaller budgets.

Power Banks

As technology continues to drive innovation in today’s markets it is only natural accessories for our smart phones and tablets represent a growing trend in the promotional industry. Whilst not ‘new’ the power bank is very much here to stay. Stylish and practical these useful and portable products have become the ultimate promotional product. Now available in a range of styles with different print and technical capabilities there really is a power bank to suit every budget. We’ve recently sourced, designed and supplied a number of custom shaped 3D power banks that really do create a unique gift, with a high perceived value.


Momentum continues on the packaging front. It’s not just the product but how it is branded and packaged that really can make a considerable difference. The last few years has seen numerous advancements in production techniques, allowing brands to fully bespoke products in smaller quantities and smaller budgets. With the current focus on giving gifts that are high quality and useful, the presentation of those products can make a huge difference to the recipient. Packaging is an important detail in retail which can affect the perceived value of a product, message and tone. Unique and creative packaging and design can make your merchandise stand out from the crowd and get your brand noticed.

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